MUNBYN solves existing retail issues with innovative, purpose-built products and services that simplify workflows, deliver superior user preferences and improve bottom-line results in retail.

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Inventory And Fulfillment

Data capture equipment automates the time-consuming and labour-intensive inventory process. By scanning barcodes or RFID tags on the goods, intelligent data collection from receipt, inventory tracking, picking, and warehousing to warehousing inspection is easily achieved. Then the data is uploaded to the back-end system in real-time via the wireless network, so that warehouse managers can access all the information in a timely manner for analysis and decision-making.

Store associates can use MUNBYN handheld computer to scan items’ 1D/2D barcodes or UHF/HF/LF RFID tags to promptly check details like stock level, price, and stock location.

Smart Operations

Labor is your largest expense and rising wages along with scarcity demands a smarter operation. Using MUNBYN smart devices loaded with software purpose-built for smart retailing, your workers are empowered to accomplish more in less time to better serve customers.

Using our real-time task management and workforce management solutions you can unleash the power of store associates to simplify their work and create a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. Harness the power of data to get actionable insights and prescriptive actions to take the next best steps to boost productivity, profits and outcomes.

Elevate Customer Experience

Customer expectations are higher than ever for service, speed, accuracy and convenience. Anywhere checkout. Elevate the retail customer experience by creating frictionless stores, optimizing inventory and executing smarter, more agile operations. Power the collective best to accelerate tasks with smart devices loaded with cutting- edge software in hand, so every associate can do more with every task, every time, at every store.

MUNBYN scanners enable long read ranges to separate cashiers from customers while tablets and printers expedite curbside service. User- friendly designs safeguard employees and are able to withstand rigorous, long-term sanitization. Give customers speed and convenience with remote assistance, self-scanning and self-checkout options.


In-Store Fulfillment

In-Store Fulfillment

MUNBYN barcode/RFID handheld computers enable store managers to have real-time visibility of store inventory data,execute a physical inventory and order fulfillment in minutes,reduces the time and labor costs.

Cross-store Management

Cross-store Management

Integrate MUNBYN mobile computers with RFID/barcode tags to wirelessly update real-time inventory at each store in a centralized backend system where retailers can view inventory levels at each physical location. It makes inventory levels transparent and easy to track.

Better Service Customers

Better Service Customers

MUNBYN PDA helps retailers achieve intelligent inventory counts and automatic updates in the database. The employees can also use the MUNBYN portable terminal to scan the tags of items, which can speed up responding to customers.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Apply UHF/HF RFID tags or 1D/2D barcodes to items that need to be tracked. Use the MUNBYN handheld to scan the item’s label to perform a cycle count. Accurate inventory levels are transmitted wirelessly to the company’s back-end servers.



The MUNBYN mobile terminal receives the electronic picking list in real-time from the back-end server, generates the picking path according to the shortest path logic, scans the barcode or RFID tag of the product for automatic transaction verification and sends the renewed inventory to the system.



MUNBYN PDA scans products’ unique barcode or RFID tags intelligently assign all batches of products to their suitable storage slots and transfers this put-away information to the backend server via wireless connectivity. Available space is clear for warehouse managers to optimize inventory levels.


Fleet Tracking

MUNBYN handhelds help retailers gain the location and status of vehicles and goods in real-time, preventing employee fraud and increasing productivity. ​Customers can also know the status and location of their orders, which will give them more confidence in retailers.



Delivery and pick-up are confirmed through electronic signature on MUNBYN data terminal. Transfer the confirmation and photos of the parcel’s condition to the back-end server.

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