The MUNBYN NFC Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is an innovative product that combines NFC chipset and electronic paper display technology to replace traditional paper labels. This electronic price label system allows retailers to display product information such as product names, prices, barcodes, and other details electronically, enabling electronic shelf label information and intelligent manual management.

This is an NFC digital price tag for small businesses. Easy to implement and low start-up costs. Great for small businesses with no IT department and no big budget.

No base station needed

No server needed

No internet needed

No training needed


NFC Label APP supports Android and IOS mobile phones

Change information on phones

If you own less than 50 NFC tags and want to use them in a retail store, using “NFC label” software can be a quick and convenient way to update information

Bulkily updated, optional gateway base station

In the case of plenty of NFC labels or chain stores, the label can be automatically and bulky updated by setting the data on the website server.

Enhance enterprise awareness

Digital shelf tags provide a more modern and interactive shopping experience for customers while also offering convenience and cost savings for retailers.

Vivid display for items 

Plenty of templates and vivid graphics help you to facilitate deals. (The size of labels can be customized)

Multiple Sizes

The NFC digital price tag line-up goes from 2.13 to 4.2 inches, with displays in black, white and red.

2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

2.13" B/W/R ESL

250 × 122 pixel

2.66" B/W/R ESL

296 × 152 pixel

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9" B/W/R ESL

296 × 128 pixel
4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

4.2" B/W/R ESL

400 × 300 pixel

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We specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of ESL accessories that cater to diverse installation and display requirements in various settings. Our comprehensive collection of ESL accessories comprises shelf rails, table stand supports, peg hook supports, hanging display boards, and telescopic floor stands, among others.

One-stop ESL Solution

Electronic Shelf Label VS Paper Labels

MUNBYN Electronic Shelf Tags

  • Automatic update, 99% accuracy
  • Change information instantly (15 seconds), updated by phones or wireless station
  • Cost reduction, no need for label printers, each label with a service time of more than 5 years
  • Support 50K times of change values
  • Support 100K times of screen-freshes

Traditional Paper Label Tag

  • Manually update
  • Change information after printing the label
  • With paper and printer cost
  • Disposable paper
  • The thermal paper fades within 3 months
Fast Update
Various Template
Exact NFC Location Rapid Identification
electronic shelf labels Clear & Durable
Single Change
Recomended Applications

The electronic shelf labels have different collocating ways, used for supermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, warehouses, pizza shops, bakeries, digital signage, electronics, and fruits & vegetables.

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