MUNBYN NFC Electronic Shelf Labels

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MUNBYN NFC Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), combined with NFC chipset and electronic paper display technology, can replace traditional paper labels. Electronic price labels can display product names, prices, barcodes, etc., so as to realize electronic shelf label information and electronic intelligent manual management, Improve work efficiency, improve the level of intelligent management, save costs, can be customized in any size, durable and reusable.

NFC digital price tag

This is an NFC digital price tag for small businesses. Easy to implement and low start-up costs. Great for small businesses with no IT department and no big budget.

No base station needed

No server needed

No internet needed

No training needed


NFC Label APP supports Android and IOS mobile phones

Multiple Sizes

The NFC digital price tag line-up goes from 2.13 to 4.2 inches, with displays in black, white and red.

2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

2.13" B/W/R ESL

250 × 122 pixel

2.66" B/W/R ESL

296 × 152 pixel

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9" B/W/R ESL

296 × 128 pixel
4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

4.2" B/W/R ESL

400 × 300 pixel

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One-stop ESL Solution

Electronic Shelf Label VS Paper Labels
Our ESL Solution is perfectly connecting every item into one Internet system through electronic shelf labels, realizing dynamic centralized pricing. This is much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than making manual price adjustments.

● Saves 50% cost than a paper one.

● Raise 55% more efficiency than a paper one.

● Change the value in real-time and remotely.

● The e-ink label is recycled, and however, the paper label is non-recycle.

Paper Labels VS. E-Labels
Fast Update
Various Template
Exact NFC Location Rapid Identification
electronic shelf labels Clear & Durable
Single Change
Recomended Applications

The electronic shelf labels have different collocating ways, used for supermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, warehouses, pizza shops, bakeries, digital signage, electronics, and fruits & vegetables.

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