MUNBYN IZP009 All in One POS System

MUNBYN IZP009 All-in-One Touch Screen POS is specifically designed to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Its 15-inch touch screen display offers a simple and flexible operation, enhanced durability, and more accurate input. Additionally, you have the option to choose from processors such as I3-6100U, I5-6360U, or J1900, which provide the necessary power to keep operations running smoothly.

MUNBYN IPDA086 Handheld Computer


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MUNBYN IZP009 All in One Touch POS System


system icon

Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Linux (optional)

MUNBYN cpu icon

I3-6100U/I56360U | J1900/3855


Dual Screen / Single Screen (optional)


MSR (optional)


  • Housing Material: Aluminum alloy
  • 15inch 1024(RGB)*768 Display
  • 4G/8G RAM+64/128/512GB ROM
  • Pure flat surface capacitance 10 point multi-touch
  • supports Mifare One S50, S70 and its compatible TYPE A and B CARDS
  • lif-pc /SC supports standard HID protocol and PC/SC protocol

Operating System and Durability

The MUNBYN IZP009 POS touch screen comes with the option of either Windows 10 or Linux operating systems, giving businesses the freedom to choose the solution that meets their needs. It has undergone rigorous testing and boasts a durable, retail-hardened design that can withstand the harsh conditions commonly found in commercial environments. Additionally, its splash-proof housing ensures added protection against accidental spills.

Peripheral Support and Connectivity

The MUNBYN IZP009 Point of Sale System offers USB-C connectivity, making it easy to connect a customer-facing display with just one cable, providing touch, data, and power. The integrated expansion hub enables businesses to connect a wide range of POS peripherals, including cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners, and payment devices. As businesses evolve, they can easily add or relocate peripherals to suit their changing needs.

Complete POS Solution

Mix and match MUNBYN POS equipment, like cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanner to meet all business unique needs.

Connect all the accessories

Product Parameters

Technical Parameter
Part Setting Specification
The host CPU I3-6100U/I56360U J1900/3855
Quad-core four threads 2.0GHz/
Dual-core dual thread1.6GHz
OS support Windows 7/ 10/ Linux
Display Display size 15inch 4:3
Resolution 1024(RGB)*768
brightness 350cd/
contrast ratio 700:1(Typ.)(transmission
touch screen Pure flat surface capacitance 10 point multi-touch
Display area 304.1*228.1mm
Ram 4G up to 8G
Hard Disk 64G SSD,HDD( Option: 128/500G)
Port Standard USB 4*USB 2.0 2*USB 3.0
HDMl 1
RS232 2*RS232
1*12VDCout 1
Audio 1
Option port 12V DCout 1*12V DCout
COM(RS232) 1*COM(RS232)
Peripheral MSR LIF – MSR006 ISO7811
RFID supports Mifare One S50,S70 and its compatible TYPE A and B CARDS
IC lif-pc /SC supports standard HID protocol and PC/SC protocol
IBUTTON-A comply with the 1-wire protocol
Customer display 12inch 16101280*800
VFD 2*20 LED–Customized
BT Customized
WIFI 11N wireless 300Mbps
4G Customized
Speaker Customized
Package Size 42*19*43 (cm)
Weight 14.07KG

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