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2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9” Electronic Shelf Label


  • Weight: 39 g
  • Temperature: from + 0 C° to + 40 C°
  • Updating time: up to 21.000 labels per hour
  • LED indicator: one colour LED
  • Ingress protection grade: IP54
  • Drop performance: 1.6 meters


  • Technology: e-ink bi-stable graphic
  • Resolution: 296 × 128 pixel
  • DPI: 183
  • Pixel colours: BW/BWR/BWY
  • Visual angle: > 170°

One-stop ESL Solution 

MUNBYN’s ESL solution is consisting of a cloud platform, gateway and ESLs. The display information is controlled and managed by the ESL cloud platform through the gateway. The solution help retailers realize pricing automation, store management, message push-ups, personnel positioning, product positioning, data collection, etc.

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label


A new generation range of display and electronic shelf labels designed to engage and communicate using superior-resolution graphics and stunning bright colors.

● High-resolution full-graphic e-paper display, available in up to three colours (BWR/BWY)

● Enterprise-class reliability and enhanced durability

● Low power consumption – up to 10 years of battery life (battery can be replaced for longer life)

● Accuracy is guaranteed and the entire process is under centralized control

● Wireless 2-way communication between your system and tags

● Integrate with existing retail systems

Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway

Equipped with a user-friendly and powerful high-performance ESL gateway, all communications are transmitted through radio frequency, which can quickly and accurately send all data to electronic shelf labels.

● Automatic communication with ESL unit during initial setup

● High-speed wireless two-way communication between gateway and ESL tag

● Simple installation, plug and play

● Large capacity and wide coverage

● Coverage over 100m diameter



The intelligent cloud price tag system, allows customers to manage their own products, stores, prices, templates and equipment and can monitor the entire system, such as data statistics, warnings, etc. In addition, standard APIs can be used to communicate with customers’ ERP or POS systems for seamless integration.

● Seamless integration with ERP or POS systems using standard APIs

● Plug and Play API for rapid deployment of web services

● Centralized management, real-time monitoring

● Safe and reliable

● Support cloud and local server deployment

● APP for PDA to manage electronic price tags, manage products, manage prices, query products and electronic price tags

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We specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of ESL accessories that cater to diverse installation and display requirements in various settings. Our comprehensive collection of ESL accessories comprises shelf rails, table stand supports, peg hook supports, hanging display boards, and telescopic floor stands, among others.

Demo kit

ESL Demo Kit

MUNBYN (ESL) Demo kit allows users to play it as in a real retail scene and help to understand how the whole solution works. Users can modify the price, product information, and template editing on ESL via gateway and cloud platforms to simulate the operation in the actual application scenarios.

1* Gateway base station

1* E-ink 7.5-inch displays

1* E-ink 4.2-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.9-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.66-inch displays. (Suitable for cold room)

1* E-ink 2.13-inch displays.

1* E-ink 1.54-inch displays.

1 Set of mount rail stands and 1 set of a clip stand

1 Set of table stands and 1 set of peg hook stand

***Support customization and bulk purchase

Base station 2.4G


Dimensions(mm) diameter 182 × height 40
Weight 202.5g
Working voltage 4.8-5.5V
Communication distance open 100 meters
Service life 3-5 years
Communication frequency band 2.4G
Communication protocol Zigbee 2.4G/TCP/IP
Communication Mode Half-duplex two-way communication
Transmit power 20dbm
Power supply mode DC
Installation method Various installation methods, customized installation requirements
Working temperature  -10~60℃
Storage temperature  -20~70℃
Working humidity  10-90%RH
Communication success rate 99.99%
Batch delivery performance The screen refresh speed (within 10,000 pieces) is less than 30 minutes

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