MUNBYN  Electronic Shelf Labels

The best materials. The clearest display. Zero compromises.

MUNBYN price tags have unique and critical features that digitize brick-and-mortar retail. Digital price tags improve the responsiveness, precision and quality of pricing execution. They effectively eliminate the pain of manually changing paper labels, freeing up employees’ time to focus on high-value-added tasks like customer service.



MUNBYN’s ESL require only one low power consumption CR2450 battery and has up to 5 years of lifetime



The effective and optimized application of MUNBYN’s digital shelf labels makes it easy and convenient to use for customers.


Greatly reduce the labour cost through a high-efficient cloud platform. Optimize the input cost by providing a gateway range of a maximum 100m diameter.


Support development SDK. The e-ink display can be fully customizable.

Electronic Shelf Labels

The current digital price tags line-up goes from 1.54 to 7.5 inches, with displays in black, white and red.

1.54" Electronic Shelf Label

1.54" B/W/R ESL

200 × 200 pixel

2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

2.13" B/W/R ESL

250 × 122 pixel

2.66" Electronic Shelf Label

2.66" B/W ESL

296 × 152 pixel

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9" B/W/R ESL

296 × 128 pixel

4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

4.2" B/W/R ESL

400 × 300 pixel

7.5" Electronic Shelf Label

7.5" B/W/R ESL

640 × 384 pixel

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Demo kit

ESL Demo Kit

MUNBYN (ESL) Demo kit allows users to play it as in a real retail scene and help to understand how the whole solution work. Users can modify the price, product information, and template editing on ESL via gateway and cloud platform to simulate the operation in the actual application scenarios. 

1* Gateway base station

1* E-ink 7.5-inch displays

1* E-ink 4.2-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.9-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.66-inch displays. (Suitable for cold room)

1* E-ink 2.13-inch displays.

1* E-ink 1.54-inch displays.

1 Set of mount rail stands and 1 set of a clip stand

1 Set of table stands and 1 set of peg hook stand

***Support customization and bulk purchase

One-stop ESL Solution

One-stop ESL Solution for Full Scenarios

Use MUNBYN ESL to Increase Productivity

MUNBYN’s ESL solution is consisting of a cloud platform, gateway and ESLs. The display information is controlled and managed by the ESL cloud platform through the gateway. The solution help retailers realize pricing automation, store management, message push-ups, personnel positioning, product positioning, data collection, etc.

Electronic Shelf Label VS Paper Labels

Our ESL Solution is perfectly connecting every item into one Internet system through electronic shelf labels, realizing dynamic centralized pricing. This is much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than making manual price adjustments.

● Saves 50% cost than a paper one.

● Raise 55% more efficiency than a paper one.

● Change the value in real-time and remotely.

● The e-ink label is recycled, and however, the paper label is non-recycle.

Paper Labels VS. E-Labels

Recomended Applications

The electronic shelf labels have different collocating ways, used for supermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, warehouses, pizza shops, bakeries, digital signage, electronics, and fruits & vegetables.

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