Electronic Shelf Labels Solution

MUNBYN price tags have unique and critical features that digitize brick-and-mortar retail. Digital price tags improve the responsiveness, precision and quality of pricing execution. They effectively eliminate the pain of manually changing paper labels, freeing up employees’ time to focus on high-value-added tasks like customer service.
MUNBYN Electronic Shelf Labels solution

Price competition and frequent price changes are gradually causing a rethinking of stationary retail and leading to constant coordination with e-commerce. Real-time price changes offer several significant advantages to easily and reliably react to price changes at any time or to control buying behaviour in a targeted manner through dynamic price optimization.

Event-controlled and time-controlled prices are not a future trend, but a part of the present. With a large number of identical offers and often dramatic price fluctuations, automatic price optimization is the solution to stay up-to-date, save time and optimize retail resources. That’s what electronic price tags for electronic shelf labels are for. Whether it involves a large corporation, a car dealership, a supermarket, a boutique, or a small roadside store – listing prices is time-consuming and consumes resources needed elsewhere. For example, while it takes days for employees to manually change all prices in an electronic retail chain, the process of setting prices using Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) takes only a few minutes.

E-commerce further exacerbates high competitive pressures, resulting in a dynamic increase in retail price changes. Marking outdated prices leads to a loss of trust that retailers simply cannot afford in today’s market economy. Electronic price tags provide retailers with the flexibility, productivity and accuracy to meet these challenges. In stores that use traditional price tags, each individual price tag has to be replaced manually by staff (each price tag takes about 3 minutes), which can quickly turn into hours of work. This affects responsiveness, increases implementation costs, and the frequency of errors between price tags and prices stored in checkout systems or e-commerce. Electronic price tags simplify all processes in all store locations at the touch of a button.

Use MUNBYN ESL to Increase Productivity

MUNBYN offers your business a digital price tag with state-of-the-art technology and integration. Switch from paper labels to digital price labels and benefit from the benefits of digital price labels:

Product and Price Accuracy

With the help of wireless data transfer, you can instantly update product data and prices. No longer need to create and exchange paper price tags.

Secure Data Transmission

The encrypted 2.4 GHz wireless connection ensures secure data transfer between the gateway and tags. This protects your wireless network from third-party access.

Immediate and Scheduled Updates

Price changes, discount promotions and specials can be displayed on the label within a short period of time. In addition, time-controlled price changes are possible, for example during the weekend or at special times.

Central Price Control and Monitoring

Centrally monitor and control the price and additional information of your products with the help of ESL technology. This allows you to keep track of your prices at all times.

Stock Monitoring and Inventory Mode

The high-resolution displays can display scannable barcodes and support inventory control.

Future-proof solution

With MUNBYN ESLs, you are ready for the future. Network your online shop with the checkout and the electronic price tags on the shelf.

Extensive Mounting Solutions

MUNBYN ESLs can be mounted almost anywhere and can be used for any product, such as supermarkets, chain stores, pharmacies, warehouses, pizza shops, bakeries, digital signage, electronics, and fruits & vegetables.

High energy efficiency

Low power consumption – up to 5 years of battery life (battery can be replaced for longer life)

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Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL Label for Chain Stores. The current digital price tags line-up goes from 1.54 to 7.5 inches, with displays in black, white and red.

1.54" Electronic Shelf Label

1.54" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 200 × 200 pixel
2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 250 × 122 pixel
2.66" Electronic Shelf Label

2.66" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 296 × 152 pixel
2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 296 × 128 pixel
4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 400 × 300 pixel
7.5" Electronic Shelf Label

7.5" Electronic Shelf Label

Resolution: 640 × 384 pixel

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This is an NFC digital price tag for small businesses. Easy to implement and low start-up costs. Great for small businesses with no IT department and no big budget.

2.13" Electronic Shelf Label

2.13" B/W/R ESL

250 × 122 pixel

2.66" B/W/R ESL

296 × 152 pixel

2.9" Electronic Shelf Label

2.9" B/W/R ESL

296 × 128 pixel
4.2" Electronic Shelf Label

4.2" B/W/R ESL

400 × 300 pixel

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Demo kit

ESL Demo Kit

MUNBYN (ESL) Demo kit allows users to play it as in a real retail scene and help to understand how the whole solution works. Users can modify the price, product information, and template editing on ESL via gateway and cloud platforms to simulate the operation in the actual application scenarios.

1* Gateway base station

1* E-ink 7.5-inch displays

1* E-ink 4.2-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.9-inch displays

1* E-ink 2.66-inch displays. (Suitable for cold room)

1* E-ink 2.13-inch displays.

1* E-ink 1.54-inch displays.

1 Set of mount rail stands and 1 set of a clip stand

1 Set of table stands and 1 set of peg hook stand

***Support customization and bulk purchase

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