11 Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf labels are digital smart labels to display prices, advertisements, and any other desired information using wireless digital technology. ESL has gained momentum across all industries including retail stores, corporate buildings, healthcare, logistics and etc.


Live updating

One of the best benefits of electronic shelf label systems is that you can update them in real-time. For example, if you change your prices or run out of stock on an item, these changes will be reflected immediately throughout the store. As a result, there’s no need for expensive and laborious manual updating processes.

You can also update these labels remotely by connecting them to your computer through a network connection. This means that employees don’t have to waste their time walking around the store or running errands when they could be focusing on other tasks instead – like helping customers!


Change pricing strategy with ease

You can change pricing strategy to match the market. When you are running a retail store, it is important to be able to adjust your prices accordingly based on fluctuations in the economy or industry. With an electronic shelf label system, it’s easy to modify your prices as needed. For example, if the price of flour has risen significantly, you can raise its price on the labels without having to reprint them all at once or manually update each one individually. This saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on printing new labels for all of your products at once or having staff go around changing individual signs by hand–which is not only tedious but also time-consuming!


Present detailed information

A major benefit of electronic shelf labeling is that it allows you to present detailed information about the product. This means you can display information like product name, stock remaining, nutritional information, and even important benefits of the product. In addition to this, you can also include details about weight and dimensions for each item. This extra information will help make your store more appealing to customers who may be looking for something specific in terms of size or weight.


Reduces carbon footprint

The use of digital price tags will reduce the amount of paper required, which in turn will reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint and waste. The average person uses about 100kg of paper per year. With a shelf label system in place, there is no need for any printed material on individual products that can be sold at a retail store or online marketplace. This reduces consumption making it both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient for businesses.


Reduce Costs

The electronic shelf label system will help you to reduce the cost associated with paper labels, printing and maintenance.

Paper labels are expensive because they need to be replaced regularly. When a product is taken out of stock and then re-stocked, there is no way to tell whether the old label has been removed or not. This means that employees need to manually check each product for a label before placing it back on the shelf. It can be time consuming and inefficient in busy stores where there may be many products being restocked at once. With electronic shelf tags, you only need one device per store; this eliminates the need for printed labels altogether!

By using this type of device instead of printed labels, you’ll save on printing costs as well as labor costs associated with replacing them regularly. You’ll also reduce maintenance costs since these systems don’t require any special equipment beyond what’s available at your business already.


Customer satisfaction

You can expect your customers to be more satisfied with their shopping experience. With electronic shelf labels, customers can find the products they want quickly and easily. They will also feel confident in their choices because the product information is accurate and readily available. This will help you retain repeat customers by delivering exactly what they are looking for when they come into your store.


Promoting goods

Electronic shelf labeling systems are an effective way to promote goods for holiday sales. The labels can be programmed with special promotional messages in bold text with a bright color, such as “Holiday Sale!” or “Special Offer!” This will make customers more likely to buy the product, because they will know that it is on sale and may be interested in taking advantage of the promotion.


Display control remotely

Electronic shelf label systems are designed to give you the ability to remotely update prices, inventory levels and product information as well as promotions and sale items. This can be done in real-time so that the changes you make are seen immediately on each display.

If you have multiple stores or departments with large inventories, an electronic shelf label system is a must have if you want to keep your stock levels updated quickly. With these types of systems, updates can be made at any time with just a few clicks of the mouse; no need to call somebody in IT who will then have to call someone else who then has to get approval from his boss before anything can be changed! As soon as one person makes an update within the system it automatically pushes out across all displays within milliseconds.


Increases information accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of ESL is that they allow you to increase your accuracy in a way that other systems simply can’t. Many of us are familiar with the frustration of entering data into a computer manually and making mistakes. But with an electronic system, there’s no need for manual entry errors! The system automatically enters each product’s information and displays it on an LCD screen, where it can be easily seen by managers as well as employees. This reduces time spent searching databases or trying to interpret handwritten notes.


Inventory management

Electronic shelf label systems allow you to keep track of your inventory in real-time. In this way, you can ensure that you never run out of stock and alert relevant staff if there is a low stock position. This will also increase customer shopping experience as they do not have to wait while an employee checks inventory records or count items manually.


Increases visual effect

The electronic shelf labels can create a visual effect, which is more appealing and colorful than the traditional paper-based labels. The ELS can display any color and pattern on the label by changing the settings of it, so you have options to choose from in order to make your product look attractive. Moreover, if you want to change or customize a design later on you can do that without having to waste time and money printing new ones!



There are plenty of reasons why having an electronic system installed in your store can help improve efficiency and profitability by reducing costs while increasing productivity at the same time!

Electronic shelf label system provides convenience for customers and retailers. It increases sales of your products and promotes them easily. With hundreds of stores using this technology, we can say that it has become a necessity for most retailers.

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